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In 1864, the Nicholson File Company became the first successful manufacturer of machine-made files. Today, Nicholson® is the most recognized brand of files in the world. Over the years, the Nicholson product line has increased in scope and size, and now includes files, rasps and handsaws, all manufactured to uncompromising standards of quality.


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  • Nicholson® - Files, Rasps and Saws - A 150 Year Tradition of Quality

    In 1864, William Thomas Nicholson revolutionized the file manufacturing process with his improved file-cutting machine. Superior files could now be produced in mass rather than cut by hand — making them affordable and more consistent in quality. Soon after receiving patents for his file making process, the first Nicholson production factory opened in Providence, Rhode Island. Within three decades, Nicholson File company had grown to become the world's most recognized name in files, producing over thirty six thousand per day — a testament showcased at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago when over three thousand unique styles of Nicholson files and rasps were displayed.

    Today, Nicholson continues to be THE leader in files and rasps.