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Gold Edge™ Paintbrush Line

  • Wooster-BrushUtilizing a filament blend of 100% CT™ (chemically tipped) polyester means that Gold Edge™ paintbrushes are able to offer super-smooth finishing capabilities.
  • They are built with added firmness, which allows Gold Edge brushes to push paint farther, increasing production.
  • Gold Edge enters the paint applicator market as one of Wooster’s largest lines—22 SKUs, which includes angle sash, thin angle sash, semi-oval angle sash, flat sash, varnish and wall styles as well as a variety 3-pack.
  • This is the first Wooster professional paintbrush line to include the new semi-oval angle sash style in its launch. Semi-oval angle sash brushes are quickly gaining popularity with painters across the United States and in Europe.

The Wooster Brush Company

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