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Pale Blue Rechargeable Batteries

As a child in the early 1980s, I was surrounded by toys with one common component—replaceable, disposable batteries. I constantly swapped old batteries for new ones, with the discarded battery going into the trash. We even tried various rechargeable options, but everything required additional charging units or the performance was far below average.

Fast forward to now, and honestly, the landscape has not changed too much. Until Pale Blue, most rechargeable batteries required a bulky recharging kit and provided subpar performance. Pale Blue’s batteries are recharged using a micro-USB port directly on the battery connected via a USB-C cable. Users can expect to charge AAA batteries within an hour or less. Charging time does vary by the battery size and USB power output, with larger batteries taking a few hours. Pale Blue offers a wide selection of rechargeable batteries, including AA, AAA, 9V, C, D, and CR123A.

Our testers were given a four-pack of AA batteries for review. Each tester referenced the absence of a traditional charger and the convenient design of the sleek four-pack, which includes the USB-C plug. One tester’s comment on the recharging system stood out the most: “Eliminating the bulky charger greatly expands how and where the battery can be used.” He went on to explain it allowed for almost unlimited charging opportunities compared to requiring a dedicated 110-volt device.

All hardware stores selling batteries should consider adding the Pale Blue line of rechargeable batteries to their inventory. Solving the recharging issue with a common USB-C plug is a potential game changer. 

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