• Crescent® Bolt Biter™ Impact Nut Extractor & Driver

    Anyone who has turned a wrench knows the frustration of removing a stripped, rusted or damaged bolt. I grew up with the “heat it and beat it” technique, and while taking out your frustration on a damaged fastener can be therapeutic, it is also highly time-consuming. Crescent® has created a tool to eliminate the stress and time required to complete the job—the Crescent Bolt Biter™ impact nut extractor and driver.

    The socket features a tapered design to sit on fasteners, providing five times the gripping force. The drive is also bi-directional, allowing for the removal and reuse of the fastener. Inside the socket is an integrated magnet, allowing the fastener to stay in place for either extraction or driving. At the end of the socket is a 1/4 hex shank for compatibility with impact drivers and drills.

    We received samples of the five-piece set with a 1-7/8” length shaft ranging in sizes from ¼” to ½”. Crescent also offers a three-piece set with a 6” length shaft. Our testers were anxious to see how the Bolt Biter would perform. Living in South Florida provides us with ample access to rusted or damaged fasteners. We have a saying: “South Florida, where even plastic rusts!”

    The Bolt Biters were tested on rusted fasteners found in boat bilges, ATVs and trailers. All testers responded with the same opinion: “These are game changers.” The Bolt Biters removed every rusted and stripped fastener our testers could throw at them. Another tester said it best: “Every toolbox needs a set of the Bolt Biters.”

    If your store stocks sockets or specialty tools, you should strongly consider adding them to your inventory. Your customers will thank you later.


    Formulated for high-use applications such as on cabinets, furniture, countertops, vanities and doors.

    Water-based coating offers four times the paint particles of conventional paint.

    Ease of use with no stripping, sanding or priming required.

    All-in-one paint bonds, primes and finishes, curing to a durable washable surface in one or two coats.

    Utilizing nano technology, product adheres to just about any surface, including glazed tile.

    Engineered to work on indoor and outdoor applications with option for multi-purpose sealer for outdoor projects.

    Slightly textured to eliminate brush marks and provide a consistent finish that conceals imperfections.

    Eco-friendly with low VOC and low odor.

    Available in matte and metallic finishes.

    Beyond Paint

  • PXL BR Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Heavy Duty, Permanent Scannable Labels

    Easy to stick, scan and connect to information on jobsites or remote areas.

    Connect physical locations to digital information such as photos, text, maintenance documentation, video links, voice memos, instructions, GPS location data and more.

    Durable with heavy-duty applications and can be used indoor, outdoor and in rugged environments.

    Individual labels for easy use permanently adhere to surfaces.

    Each roll of tape contains 100 codes that provide unlimited, safe and secure storage of critical information accessible via a mobile device and app.

    Comes in high-visibility yellow in lengths of 10.5 feet, 1.88 in wide.

    Shurtape Technologies

  • ALEX PLUS® All-Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone

    Quick drying and paint ready in 30 minutes.

    Less jobsite mess because the caulk is easy to clean up and low odor.

    Multi-surface adhesion means caulk is good for a variety of applications.

    Won’t shine through or discolor paint.

    Cured caulk is mold and moisture resistant.

    Includes 40-year warranty.

    Available in 5.5 fl. oz. in white and 10.1 fl. oz. in white and clear.

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  • Hyde 9” Round Dust-Free Sander Kit

    The name Hyde requires no introduction in the hardware channel as the company approaches its 150th anniversary. Hyde tools are renowned as the ultimate companions for painters, drywall experts and remodeling professionals. The company slogan is “For a Better Finish, Start with Hyde®.”

    The sander boasts a nine-inch round pivoting head mounted to a two-piece lightweight aluminum extension pole. The included six-foot hose attaches to traditional wet/dry vacuums. Additionally, the sander features a suction control valve, enabling users to adjust to various surfaces. Removing up to 99 percent of dust while sanding, the nine-inch sander includes long-lasting net abrasives with three grits: 120, 180 and 240.

    Designed for contractors or serious DIYers, we provided a sample to a local painter tackling a significant refinishing project. Initially concerned about the fatigue of maneuvering a nine-inch sander up and down a painted wall, our tester’s worries were swiftly alleviated by the lightweight pole. Upon completing the job over multiple days, he reported, “It worked flawlessly. Not only did it reduce the sanding time, but it also significantly reduced my clean-up time.”

    If your hardware store serves professional painters and contractors, consider the Hyde nine-inch Round Dust-Free Sander as an exceptional addition to your inventory.

  • Big Ass Brick of Soap – Wayfinder

    Soap smells like eucalyptus and desert sage.

    At 10 ounces, the bar is three times the size of traditional soaps.

    Triple milled for higher quality.

    Portion of proceeds benefits U.S. veterans.

    Also available in other scents including Superior, High Country, Big Bandit, Trophy Game and Sawtooth.

    Lathers quickly and rinses clean while moisturizing skin.

    Duke Cannon

  • MORF C500 Removable Headlamp

    Includes three-in-one lighting system with removable flashlight and magnet light with attached headlamp putting out 500 lumens, detached flashlight 47 lumens and headlamp base 70 lumens.

    Easily switch between high and low illumination for the right amount of light in the right place.

    Impact and water resistant, light is ideal for contractors, builders, campers, hikers, climbers and DIYers.

    Beam distance of 38 meters for attached headlamp; 16 meters for detached flashlight and 15 meters for headlamp base.

    Lightweight at about 0.39 lbs. and includes adjustable straps.

    Police Security


    No open flames or sealants needed, just clean the end of the pipe and push the fitting into place.

    Ideal for do-it-yourselfer plumbers or professionals who want to save time, these fittings can connect to copper, PEX, PE-RT and CPVC and install in seconds, saving 70 to 90 percent of time normally required for conventional soldering or welding.

    Designed to be reusable, durable and permanent plumbing connections, these fittings are warranted to last longer than any other conventional method.

    Leading innovator in push-to-connect technology with more than 100 patents.



    Used for applications including exterior siding, floor decking, sheathing and subflooring.

    Includes interchangeable contact noses, giving contractors and builders the ability to utilize a wide range of nails.

    Dynamic firing option modes allow users to easily change between bump and single-fire functions without needing to make manual adjustments.

    The anti-double fire trigger helps safeguard from multiple shots being released, increasing safety. Other features include depth adjustment dial, slim guide contact nose, trigger lock, tangle-free swivel fitting.

    Designed with a lightweight body up to 30 percent lighter than conventional tools, it’s made for heavy-duty applications. Provides consistent performance with fastening hard materials up to 500 psi.



    Available in more than 40 styles with molded relief ranging from historic to contemporary decorative motifs.

    Panels and tiles have Class A rating for fire safety. Resistant to water and humidity and can be used in shower rooms and swimming pools.

    Fiber-free with easy-to-clean surfaces, these panels can be used in health-care facilities and food-preparation areas.

    Easily installed and removed for maintenance or to access wiring or lighting in ceiling. No sharp edges to avoid when installing and can be cut with scissors.

    Ceilume products use 80 percent less material to manufacture and ship than fiber acoustic panels.


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