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Flame King Propane Refilling Kit and Refillable Tanks

Having resided in South Florida for over a decade, I’ve witnessed firsthand the varied impacts of tourism on local communities—both beneficial and detrimental. Over time, I’ve developed a strong aversion to single-use products and the waste they generate.

Each community clean-up invariably uncovers the same assortment of items—beverage containers, Styrofoam (cups, coolers, etc.), and disposable propane cylinders. Once discarded, these cylinders contribute significantly to the waste filling our landfills. Some individuals resort to the risky practice of refilling disposable tanks, a choice with potentially dire consequences.

Flame King, the leading provider of propane storage solutions, has introduced refillable propane cylinders in the most commonly used sizes, along with a safe refilling system. These refillable tanks boast high-grade steel construction, undergo X-ray and hydrostatic testing, and are powder-coated for enduring exterior protection. Click here for a brief company video.

Upon receiving samples of Flame King’s refilling kit and refillable tanks in various sizes (quarter, half, and 1 pound), we distributed them to users accustomed to single-use canisters. Initial reactions from the group were marked by astonishment at the sturdiness of the refillable tanks compared to their single-use counterparts. One tester admitted to having previously refilled a single-use canister and feeling fortunate that it hadn’t exploded upon realizing the stark contrast in construction between the two products. All testers reported that the refill process was swift, straightforward, and cost-effective.

If your store currently offers or utilizes single-use propane canisters, consider adding Flame King’s refillable kit to your inventory. Stores operating in environmentally sensitive areas should consider establishing an exchange program for customers—click here to learn more.

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