Sashco Slab Product Review




Sashco Sealants is a family-owned business that has brought us great caulking products such as Lexel® and Big Stretch®. Now they have come out with Slab®, a concrete crack repair that doesn’t just fill the crack but also has a textured finish that allows it to actually blend into the concrete finish.

There are several products on the market that claim to be a concrete repair but none of them we have ever tried work as well or blend in as well as Slab. In addition, when you use Slab it stays put. It doesn’t break loose and start to come out and best of all it’s a soap and water clean-up product and will accept foot and vehicle traffic after 24 hours.

There is not one concrete driveway or brick home that doesn’t have crack repair issues and this product really does the job once and it’s finished. If you’ve met the owner of Sashco, Les Birch, or currently stock Lexel or Big Stretch caulk, then you know Les will not release a product until it is tried and tested. Slab is no exception—it’s a first-rate product.

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