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Rust-Oleum Rainbrella

Rust-Oleum-RainBrellaRainBrella® is a glass treatment for auto and truck windshields that “repels rain, mud and dirt instantly,” and it absolutely lives up to its billing. It is easy to put on and it will last for more than 100 car washes. Each kit comes with two packets of cloth Wipe-Its™ infused with the RainBrella chemical that you wipe on a clean windshield with the nitrile gloves included in the package. You allow the RainBrella to dry for 15 minutes and then you wipe it clean with the microfiber buffing cloth that is also included with no extraordinary effort. Then you repeat the process one more time and you are finished.

As one tester said, it took more effort to actually clean the windshield before he applied the RainBrella than it did to apply the two coats of RainBrella. All of our testers said it took them 30-45 minutes and they were done. As one tester mentioned, he thought it actually worked better than the promotional video. All of our testers rated RainBrella an excellent product.

Check out the demo video:

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