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Sales Contact: Bob Clemence
Email Address: bclemence@hydetools.com
Sales Phone: (800) 872-4933
Customer Service Phone: (800) 872-4933

Cleaning & Pressure Washing: Pivot Nozzle Wands, PivotJet® Hose Wands; Concrete & Masonry: Brick Tools, Concrete Tools; Drywall, Floor & Tile Tools, Glass Tools, Knives & Blades, Multi-Tools, Painting, Putty knives, Sanding, Scrapers, Spray Poles & Systems, Tile, Adhesive & Caulk, Wall Repair, Wallpaper Tools, Wire Brushes.


Hyde Tools Product Review from The Hardware Connection:

Hyde Tools PivotPro™ Cleaning Wand

PivotPro™ Cleaning Wand   have always respected companies that continue to improve upon their existing products and Hyde Tools is one of those companies. Hyde Tools

Hyde Tools SuperFlexx™ Putty Knife Product Review

SuperFlexx™ Putty Knife Hyde Tools, one of the oldest names in painter’s tools and in our industry, has just come out with a complete line of

Hyde Tools Quickly Clean™ Glove

Quickly Clean™ Glove Hyde Tools has been serving the hardware channel and paint industry since 1875. Every year the company develops new products for the hardware

Hyde Regrout Product Review

Regrout™ Tool Hyde Tools is always coming up with something new and they’ve done it again. Removing old grout from a bathroom is almost as much

Hyde Pivot Wands Product Review

Pivot Nozzle Wands Have you ever seen a new product and thought to yourself “I wish I had thought of that?” Well, Hyde Tools has done

Hyde Pivot Jet Pro Product Review

PivotJet™ Pro Hyde Tools is another “Blue Blood” company in our industry. They have been making quality painters’ tools long before my grandfather was running our


  • Dan on the Job: HYDE® PivotPro™ for Boat & Auto and Outdoor Cleaning

    From cleaning the car to scrubbing a winter's worth of grime off your patio, you've got a long list of outdoor cleaning jobs. Hyde's new line of PivotPro™ Water Wand hose attachments will let you check every item off your to-do list with ease. Let Dan show you why the PivotPro is a must-have for your toolshed…and he may even do your windows in the process. (He's helpful like that.)

  • The HYDE® Quickly Clean™ Glove

    Introducing the HYDE® Quickly Clean™ Glove - Clean your hands, tools and surfaces without harsh chemicals or scouring pads! Just wet the glove and wear it on one hand to finish cleanup fast with nothing but water. It removes paint, caulk, adhesive, grease and more, allowing for easy cleanup of tools, brushes, rollers, counters, sinks and more. An indispensable item for painters, mechanics and hobbyists!

  • The Ultimate Painter's Tool - the HYDE® 17-in-1

    You've got a drawer full of tools and STILL can't find the one you're looking for. The new HYDE 17-in-1 painter's tool combines seventeen common applications in one easy-to-use, easy-to-find tool. Screw driver? Sure. Nail set? Yeah, got that too. Check out this all purpose tool for home or at the job site. Find more info at hydetools.com.

  • The HYDE® Painter's Assistant™

    This multi-use painter's tool works as a carrying handle for 1-and 2-quart containers. It also features a magnetized surface that acts as a convenient brush holder. It can be clipped directly onto a roller tray to provide a fool-proof brush holder right where it's needed. But that's not all: This tools works as a paint can opener, brush and roller cleaner, belt hook, garage tool hanger and even has a built-in putty knife/scraper. The ultimate handy painting tool!

  • HYDE® WET n STICK® - Drywall taping just got faster and easier

    WET n STICK® is easy to apply and dries quickly, letting you apply your first coat of mud in no time.

  • HYDE® Stainless Steel Superflexx Putty and Joint Knives

    Get flexibility AND durability with the Superflexx stainless steel taping & putty knives from HYDE tools.