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Old-Fashioned Personal Service Never Goes Out of Style

Jeff Tilem owns a most unusual hardware store. Actually, it’s more of a general store and it operates in one of the most exclusive and famous


Competitive Strategies that Work

Don Lockwood bought a hardware store in Newbury Park, Calif., in the late 1960s. Joe Lingelbach started working for him in 1978. In the mid to


7 Documents Business Owners Need Now

Every year we are fortunate to meet a lot of new business owners who need help in preparing blueprints to protect their net worth, their closely


Three Ideas to Motivate Employees to Sell

By Bob Phibbs Motivating employees. It’s always tough in a retail store. You want to be as successful a retailer as Apple, as Nordstrom, as Lululemon,


Building a Sustainable Family Business

Gary Johnson knows all about building a business from the ground-up. From where he started, there was nowhere else to go but up. In the 1980s

Pulse of the Industry


Stopping Internal Theft

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‘Buy Local’ Message Benefits Independents


Unique Niche Ideas

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