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RMA 510 V – Stihl

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The first self-propelled battery-powered mower within the AP Series, the RMA 510 V is more than just a battery-powered mower. It also offers innovative ideas, making lawn mowing a convenient user experience. The absence of a gasoline-powered engine means the user just has to squeeze one lever, which activates the blade. Squeezing the second lever engages the self-propelled drive and the mowing process is underway.

The 21” deck has a 20” cutting width powered with a 36-volt battery, enabling it to mow a 2,583-square-foot yard on a single charge. For homeowners with larger yards, the RMA 510 V offers a second battery storage compartment to easily swap out the battery to continue mowing. The adjustment of the deck is also simple and controlled by a single lever and has seven different cutting heights. Controlling of the self-propelled speed is also done with a single lever and gives the user a range of speeds between 0.6 mph and 2.8 mph.

Our testers found the RMA 510 V a versatile and feature-packed lawnmower. It’s minimal noise allowed one of our users to mow their yard first thing in the morning, which with a traditional gas-powered would have created a noise complaint from neighbors. The RMA 510 V can do anything a traditional gas-powered mower can do, but only quieter with instant start-up, no exhaust smell and minimal maintenance.

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