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The V-Pump is a neat new product that I found while walking the National Hardware Show, this past May. It is designed to pump 1,200 gallons of water per hour, it doesn’t have any moving parts or need electricity and it will pump water as high as 40’. All you need to do is connect the plastic V-Pump to a water hose, hook up a discharge hose, drop it in to the area you want to drain and turn on the water to your garden hose. What the V-Pump does is create a vacuum from the discharge your garden hose that is filled by the water you want to drain.

It comes with a quick disconnect garden hose attachment, you have to supply the discharge hose and you are ready to go. The only potential problem is the water must be free of debris as it will plug up the pump other wise this is a neat little product that is great for draining hot tubs, small pools and fish ponds before winter. To learn more about this product simply go to

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