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The Gulp | Conservco

The ConservCo has seen a need and has developed a product that really does help make potentially bad situations easier to deal with. They have taken the concept of a hand bilge pump from the marine industry, adapted it and made it better for DIY repairs.

The “Gulp” is a hand operated suction pump that the user can use to empty water or fluids from areas that need to be repaired or worked on. What makes the “Gulp” different is that each stroke of the pump removes 12 ounces so eleven stokes of the hand pump will remove over one gallon of fluid.

The pump shaft is stainless steel and the barrel of the pump is clear so the user can actually see that the pump is picking up the fluid. The barrel of the pump also has a non-slip hand cushion with a strap. But, in my opinion, the best feature is that it comes apart so you can clean the pump thoroughly when you are finished. It’s also reasonably small making it easy to store until it is needed again.

Let’s face it, removing water from a toilet before you pull it up from the floor or emptying the dish water from the sink before you snake the drain are not easy or pleasant jobs when the fluid is not removed. The “Gulp” is also very helpful when you need to remove water from a fountain, fish pond or water from a hole where a pipe has broken.

Check out the “Gulp” it could make a great add-on sale in the plumbing area next to the snakes or in the chemical area next to the drain openers.  Their website is

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