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Wrench and Pocket Sets | Grip-Tite

Grip-Tite has come out with both wrench sets and socket sets that are designed to grab on to both regular bolts but more importantly rounded off bold heads. Remember the old plumber trick of using 16 penny cut nails jammed into a pipe that had broken off when you don’t have an easy out available? Well, Grip-Tite has taken that concept and incorporated it into their wrench and socket sets that really do work.

In our test we learned you have to be careful that you don’t apply too much pressure and break the bolt head off, which will really ruin your day! Both the wrench set and the socket set will fit both SAE and metric bolt sizes from 7/16 (11mm) to ¾ (19mm) bolts. This is another item that if you don’t sell all of them during the holiday season it would be a complement to your tool department.

Retail price for the wrench set is in the $49.99 range and the socket set is in the $24.99 range. For more information go to

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