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Wolf’em Stick — Campfire Industries

Now that we have officially entered spring and many parts of the nation are experiencing glimpses of warm weather my mind wanders back to my childhood. Growing up in the Midwest, spring was a special time of the year as we exited the drab cold of winter and began shifting our activities to outside. We would spend our time fishing, swimming, camping and inevitably enjoying the outside delicacy of toasted marshmallows or hotdogs cooked over the fire.

Back in the day, we searched for the perfect stick and dad would carve the end to a nice point with his trusted pocketknife. Brothers Tanner and Spencer Harrison have taken the outdoor tradition to a new level with the introduction of the Wolf’em Stick. The stick features a rotary handle with two attachments.

The first attachment is a backward-facing cooking fork that is perfect for marshmallows and dogs. The design prevents marshmallows from falling off the stick into the fire. What sets the Wolf’em Stick apart from other roasting sticks is the second attachment—a biscuit dough cooker. After applying the non-stick spray to the wooden attachment, simply mold any biscuit dough around the end. The result is a hollow biscuit perfect for filling with whipped cream, pudding or any other tasty treat.

We assembled a group of our most critical testers: children ages 8 to 12. The kids could not stop trying to come up with different ideas for filling their cooked biscuit bowls. Each one tried to outdo the other with a new creation from strawberries, cheese hotdogs and even Nutella.

If your store has an outdoor section, then take a look at the Wolf’em Stick, a well-built outdoor cooking device that is bound to put a smile on the faces of both kids and parents alike. Click here to view the Wolf’em Stick in action.

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