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WD-40 Specialist Line

WD-40® is not only one of the best-known brands in the hardware channel, but in the world. WD-40 Multi-Use Product can be found in eight out of 10 American households and more than 176 countries and territories worldwide. Capitalizing on the iconic blue and yellow can with a red top, WD-40 is updating its Specialist® line packaging.

Initially launched in 2011, the Specialist line is geared toward trade professionals and features lubricants, penetrants, greases, cleaners and degreasers. The line has been further expanded throughout the years for numerous uses. Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, Protective White Lithium Grease and Rust Release Penetrant Spray are all widely used by pros.

We had the opportunity to test the Penetrant with Flexible Straw and Gel Lube of the Specialist line. Penetrant is designed to penetrate deep into crevices and threads and seems to break the rust bond that holds stuck parts together. Additionally, the Penetrant leaves a layer of protection to keep rust and corrosion from coming back. The Flexible Straw is a perfect feature for this product and provides access to hard-to-reach places sometimes referred to as a knucklebuster. Click here to see the Penetrant with Flexible Straw in action.

The Gel Lube is a thick gel lubricant that provides long-lasting lubrication and won’t run or drip. It provides similar benefits as WD-40 Multi-Use including moisture displacement and water resistance. It has also has been independently tested to prevent runs for up to one year in a salt spray and humidity chamber. Since the gel stays where sprayed, it is perfect for vertical surfaces and does not fling when applied to moving parts. Click here to view a demonstration of WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube.

Our testers used the Penetrant and Gel Lube in a host of applications including automobile, marine, locks and hinges. All testers reported Penetrant with Flexible Straw performed exactly as described and the flexible straw allowed for uses where a traditional straw just cannot reach. The Gel Lube received the most comments, which centered around its ability to not run or drip. One tester commented she always hated spraying interior door hinges, since traditional lubricant runs and may stain the door and/or floor. One tester referenced confined spaces where your head is near so the spray inevitably gets on your face.

If you currently do not carry the line or are searching for additional products to attract customers, take a hard look at the Specialist line in the new cans. For more information, go to

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