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Walabot DIY Plus has brought new technology to the stud finder category, as it has the ability to quickly identify studs, pipes, wires, Cat5 cabling and so much more. Walabot utilizes Vayyar’s 3D imaging technology used worldwide in numerous industries from construction, medical and robotics, just to name a few. This enables the sensor to work on drywall, concrete, lath and plaster.

The Walabot DIY Plus stud finder connects to Android smartphones with an app from the Google Play store. Once the sensor is connected and calibrated the app offers three modes to show what is behind the wall. The first mode is the Pan Mode creating a panoramic view of what is behind the wall to include the distance between objects. The second is Image Mode giving a visual classification to quickly identify studs, pipes, wires and cables.The last mode is Expert mode displaying the raw data from the sensor, which can be used to trace wire, plumbing or even the presence of a rodent/pest behind the wall.

The reviews we received from our testers all shared one common theme—the ability to get a clear picture of what is behind the wall before the first nail, screw or drill bit is a game-changer. Our testers all preferred the Image Mode when trying to quickly identify a stud, electrical wire or pipe. The mode takes all the guesswork out of what the sensor is detecting. However, one tester noted the Expert Mode enabled them to trace an electrical wire back to its junction box, making for a much faster and less evasive repair.

Walabot also offers a line of sensors called the Maker Packs. Using the sensor’s 3D imaging technology coupled to a small computer the three versions of the Maker Packs give the user the ability to create their own uses for this powerful sensor while unleashing the power of radio frequency. For more information, go to or view this video.

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