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Bench Cookie™ | Bench Dog Tools

Bench Dog Tools is marketing a great product if you sell a lot of finish woodworking products or to serious hobby enthusiasts. It’s called the Bench Cookie™ and it’s just a little larger than a hockey puck and the same shape. The Bench Cookie has non-slip and non-scratch surfaces on each side, so if you are working on a finish product it won’t slip around on the work bench and it won’t scratch the surface of the item you are working on.

It comes packaged in a nice clamshell package and a shelf holder for the four Bench Cookies in the package. Bench Dog also offers the Bench Cookie packaged individually as well. They have developed an accessory called the Bench Cookie Cone, which snaps on to one side of the Bench Cookie to create an inverted cone shape for when you have finished the project and are ready to stain or paint the finished piece. Both items would make excellent gift items for the serious DIYers.
The retail for the “cookie” is in the $19.99 range and the cones are in the $4.99 retail price range. For more information go to

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