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One of my favorite aspects of working in the independent hardware channel is witnessing the constant innovation and technology that give rise to new tools and products. I often flash back to my childhood and imagine how much easier all those home projects we did as a family would be today. Tasks that were once reserved for professionals are now achievable for DIYers. DAP has contributed to this revolution with its latest product, DAP® Touch ‘n Foam® Wall & Cavity Foam with Widespray Applicator.

Traditional one-component foam is bead-applied and used to fill and seal small cracks and voids such as those around door and window frames, sill plates and electrical devices where air leakage and energy loss can occur. Two-component, low-pressure spray polyurethane foam kits consist of an A-component (Iso, MDI) and B-component (Polyol) that are delivered from separate containers through hoses to a spray-applicator gun. DAP’s Wall & Cavity Foam takes the convenience of a traditional, one-component application but delivers the benefits of two-component foam in a less complicated solution.

DAP Wall & Cavity Foam is in one container with both A & B components already mixed inside. With no mix-ratio concerns, this patent-pending combination of formula and unique applicator provides a broadcast spray pattern like two-component systems. The wet foam cures with moisture, and the foam surface will be tack-free in 10 to 12 minutes. Plus, this foam can be used in a more comprehensive temperature range (40 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees to 49 degrees Celsius) than two-component kits.

The Wall & Cavity Foam is available in 10.5 lb., 20 lb. and 35 lb. cylinders, each equipped with a Widespray applicator. When applied, the foam effectively air-seals and insulates homes and buildings, enhancing R-Value and providing Class A fire resistance. Typical applications include stud wall cavities, rim joists, basements, attics and crawlspaces. The product can also be cleaned and stored for up to 30 days.

We supplied all our samples to an active DIYer so he could insulate his small, wooden work shed. His comments on the product were straightforward: “First, I could not have done this project without the product. Second, I never would have paid a professional to do the project, and lastly, it was an effortless application.”

DAP® Touch ‘n Foam® Wall & Cavity Foam with Widespray Applicator should have a space in every hardware store that caters to the active DIYer, handyman and small contractor.

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