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theOUTlet — Secret Sockets LLC

The average American household has 75 electrical outlets with a majority of them being the standard three-prong, 15 amp style. The number of devices requiring electrical has virtually exploded over the last three decades from mobile phones and computers to tablets and security cameras. Now the average American household has 65 devices either plugged into or permanently connected to the home.

The electrical accessories market is not short of devices aimed to add additional outlets to the traditional three-prong outlet. Walk down any electrical aisle of a hardware store and there is no less than a half-dozen or so of these devices—power strips, power towers, power hubs, etc. However, no one has addressed the fundamental problem—the actual plug itself. Well, not until theOUTlet.

You can see that theOUTlet looks like a traditional three-prong outlet, but it has a secret that is revealed with a push of a button. When the button is pushed the outlet flips open to reveal another set of plugs, making for a total of four within the same plug. Click here to see a quick example. Also, theOUTlet installs into any traditional outlet box without any modifications or special tools. Click here to see a 10-minute installation video.

You should know that theOUTlet comes in two models: the basic model that features four receptacles and the USB model that features the same four receptacles, but includes two USB ports. Both are tamper-resistant and are cETLus certified for the U.S. and Canada.

We provided both versions to a few testers who felt comfortable swapping out an electrical outlet. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive ranging from “I can finally get rid of that ugly powerstrip” to “I no longer need to go searching for a USB connector to charge my phone at night.” Without a doubt, theOUTlet deserves careful consideration for space in your store. Just don’t be surprised if your other receptacle expansion accessories start to lose sales.

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