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In May 2021 we had the opportunity to review the STIHL BGA 57 (click here to view). We found the BGA 57 an outstanding option compared to the hassle and noise of traditional gas-powered blowers. We jumped at the chance when STIHL asked if we would be interested in testing the new BGA 60 battery-powered leaf blower. This was the first time in recent memory we had the opportunity to run a follow-up test on the latest model, which did not disappoint.

The STIHL BGA 60 Blower is the most powerful, handheld battery-powered blower in the STIHL AK System, providing 45 percent more blowing force than the BGA 57 while delivering a range of features for comfort and convenience. Two noticeable features include the variable-speed trigger and boost mode, which helps clear grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris from hard surfaces. The high-performance AK 30 lithium-ion battery has no battery memory limitation, no gradual drop in power; it runs at full speed until the battery is depleted. As with everything within the AK System, the batteries can be swapped with other STIHL tools within the system.

The same tester who has been using the BGA 57 since May 2021 was asked to share his opinion on the new BGA 60. Our tester quickly noted the variable speed trigger, enabling the user to control the blower’s force better. The feature increased the blower’s usefulness because now he could use it to clean up yard debris in delicate planting beds. Our tester also noted the increased power is instantly noticeable. When running on high, the blower pulls his shorts towards the intake vent. Here’s how our tester summed up his experience with the BGA 60: “Stihl took an already exceptional product and made it even better!”

If you are a STIHL dealer, the BGA 60 is a must-have handheld battery-powered leaf blower.

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