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Smart Lock – August Home

August Home has released its 3rd generation Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro, building on its already popular smart lock. In the past, I have written articles covering the explosion of the smart home market, which has been experiencing double-digit growth year after year and showing no signs of slowing down. The smart lock is one of the most popular categories in the smart home market, just behind smart lights and appliances. In theory, the market is everyone with an exterior door.

All smart locks provide a varying level of control to gain access to the home either by a manufacturer app, internet connection or a keypad. However, one common requirement is the replacement of the existing door lock and/or deadbolt. This is just one area where August Home’s Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro differ from the competition. Both models install on the inside of the door and attach to the existing deadbolt in just a few minutes. This unique application allows even renters to install a smart lock without impacting the existing deadbolt key of the landlord.

August locks are controlled by a free smartphone app for both iOS and Android using either an internet connection (optional Wi-Fi bridge required) or Bluetooth®. Once the Bluetooth setup is complete the user can either open the app to unlock their door or automatically unlock once the phone comes within Bluetooth range. This last feature is extremely useful when coming home with a handful of groceries and not having to fumble for a phone or keys.

The locks can also be set to auto-lock once the door is closed. While most smart locks provide auto-locking, August adds DoorSense™ technology. This sensor prevents the lock from deploying the deadbolt before the door is closed, which can lead to door jam damage.

The app also enables guest access for family, friends or other trusted people. Guest access is an excellent feature if the owner needs to provide temporary access to the house for either a contractor or short-term renter without having to issue physical keys. The app also displays door opening and closing activity by the assigned user. The locks communicate with Alexa or Google Assistant enabling voice control to lock, unlock or check the status of the door lock. Click here to watch a complete overview.

We provided our testers two versions of the August Smart Lock: with the Wi-Fi bridge and without the bridge. The bridge provides remote access to lock while non-bridge locks can only use Bluetooth for control. Both groups raved about the ease of installation, set-up and the ability to maintain their current deadbolt.

Another feature that jumped out for our reviewers was the ability to automatically unlock the door upon approach. One test was a mother of two who “rarely has a free hand” to grab keys or phone. The door sensor was also a popular aspect, as one tester had a bad experience with another smart lock that automatically deployed the deadbolt before the door was completely closed and slammed into the jam, causing damage.

If you have been on the fence about bringing smart products into your store because of fear of ever-changing technology and being stuck with the outdated product, the August Smart Lock is a great entry point since it utilizes common Bluetooth communication technology and can be installed utilizing the existing deadbolt lock.

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