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Sikagard® Vinyl Mat/Liner — Sika

A floormat is more than just a decoration at the front of a home/business. The floormat helps prevent dirt and moisture from entering the structure, but it also provides traction if the surface is slippery or wet. However, not all floormats are created equal in both quality and performance.

Sika recently introduced the Sikagard® Vinyl Mat/Liner that can handle the simplest of jobs to the most demanding. The vinyl mat/liner is designed for both interior/exterior applications, is impact/weather resistant, porous for quick drainage, and high traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). The mats are also easily trimmable, enabling customization to fit almost any application including steps, walkways, garages/sheds, exercise rooms, boats and more. Click here for additional product information. Click here to view a company video showing the countless uses for the vinyl mat/liner.

Considering the virtually limitless applications, we decided to supply samples to a wide group of testers for both commercial and residential use. While all testers reported the mats performed flawlessly, it was the range of uses that grabbed our attention. One tester used the mat to stop plastic gas cans from sliding in a truck with a spray-in bedliner. Another tester lined the floor of an outdoor shower taking advantage of the mat’s anti-mildew feature.

The ultimate test came from a commercial boat captain who operates a marine towing and salvage company. Foot traction is critical and can be the difference between staying in the boat or going overboard. The captain reported the mats increased his traction on the wet fiberglass and reduced the impact of rough waves at sea. We may revisit this review in one year to see how well the mats held up in the harsh marine environment and blazing South Florida sun.

Sika’s Sikagard® Vinyl Mat/Liner is an outstanding addition to any hardware store. Its application is only limited by the customer’s imagination.

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