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SaberDrive Deck Screw Midwest Fastener

While no one knows for sure who invented the wood screw, we do know they appeared in the first century and were made from wood. Metal screws made their first appearance in the 15th century. Since then, screws have evolved from a slotted head, to a square head, to a Phillips head, and so on. Now it seems like a race to constantly redesign the simple screw with the latest materials, coatings and thread design.

We recently reviewed Midwest Fastener’s SaberDrive line of construction fasteners and it takes screw design to the next level. Upon visual inspection, there are a few features that immediately stand out. The first is the aggressive type 17 point head with serrated threads designed to drive the screw while working out the sawdust. The next standout appears halfway up the shaft where the threads change. These are the “cleanout” threads and prevent the board from climbing up the screw. The last feature is the nibs under the head to countersink the screw for a clean look.

One of the SaberDrive features is not obvious from a visual inspection but might be its most important. The screws are coated in XL1500, which is a proprietary Eco-Nano Coating designed to resist rust and corrosion. The XL1500 coated SaberDrive screw was independently tested among other screws for 1,500 hours of submersion in salty spray and it was the only coating not to show red dust. The screws are also ACQ lumber approved. Click here to learn more about the SaberDrive line of screws.

We provided samples to both a casual DIYer and professional contractors. Both groups commented on the aggressive thread design and preference for the star-drive head to limit stripping. Each group reported the screws worked as advertised. They each tried to get the coating to strip by installing and removing the same screw numerous times and it never showed signs of peeling. The SaberDrive line of screws from Midwest Fastener is a great addition to any hardware store’s fastener selection.

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