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Rescue!® Ant Baits

Rescue!® Ant Baits
Rescue!® / Sterling International

While ants serve an important ecologic role, we don’t want them in or around our homes. Numerous products and applications are on the market to address the issue. However, each has its faults. Rescue! has designed an innovative product combining two of the most common methods used to bait ants—solid and liquid bait—into one easy-to-use, child-resistant product.

Ants entering homes are either searching for food/water or trying to escape the outdoor climate. Rescue! Ant Baits include both carbohydrates (sugar), which naturally attracts ants, and protein. When ants enter the bait station to consume the sugar they carry the protein back to the colony, effectively killing the larvae and queen. Click here to view an animated overview.

We had the opportunity to test the ant baits in numerous scenarios both inside and outside the home or office. Our testers were quick to point out the ease of use and no mess that traditional liquid ant baits leave behind. One of our testers has two small children and was concerned about using poison inside the home. Before he placed the trap he tried to open the station by hand and eventually tried with a pocket knife to no avail. While you do not want children or pets to play with the bait station. it was reassuring for this homeowner that his children were safe.

The Rescue! ant baits are an outstanding no-mess, child-resistant, highly effective alternative to other products on the market.

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