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Pro Pliers, Mini Pliers, Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears – VAMPIRE TOOLS

Vampire Tools is a hand tool company established in 2012 that is looking to break into the hardware channel with a line of premium pliers, shears and knives. The tools are made from S58C, a high-strength medium carbon steel, which is immediately noticeable when picked up. High-quality materials are only one way Vampire’s tools stand out, but it’s the innovation our testers immediately identified.

The pliers feature a unique vertical and horizontal serration at the tip (see picture) for gripping a screw head or nut/bolt. The serrations create a non-slip grip, making them a perfect tool to remove stripped, rusted or otherwise damaged fasteners in a confined space with ease.

Our testers had the opportunity to review the 8” Pro Pliers, 4” Mini Pliers and 6.5” Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutting Shears. The 8” pliers, in addition to their unique tip, feature a wire cutter and cushioned ergonomical grip. The 4” pliers offer similar features excluding the wire cutter. While our testers were extremely impressed at how well both pliers perform as a screw extractor, they were more impressed with the quality. As one tester noted, “It just feels like a high-quality tool the instant you pick it up.”

The 6.5” shears feature the same high-quality materials and excellent design like the pliers. They can cut numerous materials including Kevlar®, carbon fiber, canvas cloth and other materials requiring a sharp cutting surface. The blades also features micro-serrations to reduce slippage while cutting. The pivot point is also adjustable, allowing for modifying the tension.

If you are looking to expand your hand tool line with high-quality, purpose-driven tools, then take a look at Vampire Tools. Go to for more information.

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