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Pro Grade Painter’s Tape FrogTape®

Anyone who has painted undoubtedly has experience with painter’s tape. If those experiences are similar to mine they ended up disappointed with paint bleed or stuck tape. The pros know different tricks or application techniques that deliver the sharp lines everyone envisions when they begin the project.

Enter FrogTape® with patented PaintBlock® Technology. PaintBlock is polymer-based and reacts with the water in latex paint to create a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape. Click here to view a demonstration of PaintBlock’s super absorbent technology and the final results when the tape is removed from a wall.

Normally when we receive paint-related materials we utilize a few pros to perform the review and give their feedback. The logic being if a pro has a favorable review then the traditional DIYer should receive similar results, making it a great product for hardware stores to stock. When we contacted our usual pros they all had extensive experience with the product. So we recruited d-i-yers to solicit their feedback.

Each used FrogTape on multiple surfaces windows, baseboards and corners, and everyone was amazed by the clean lines usually only possible with pros. No one had any instance of paint bleed or difficulty removing the tape even after it stayed in place for over a week. If you currently do not stock FrogTape, then bring in a few SKUs of their Pro Grade Painter’s Tape and Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape, which offers higher adhesion.

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