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Phyllom BioProducts Corp.

Veterinary experts estimate there are about 232,000 cases of pet poisoning annually in the United States, mostly due to accidental exposure to pesticides and insecticides. In some cases, pets ingest these chemicals indirectly, often by consuming the remains of targeted pests.

Phyllom BioProducts is committed to providing potent and environmentally safe biological pest control solutions for forestry, tree and shrub care, lawn and garden care, specialty agriculture, and animal health. Their patented strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is the first bioinsecticide effective against susceptible beetles, weevils, borers, and grubs upon ingestion. Unlike chemical alternatives, Phyllom’s products pose no risk to non-target beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Moreover, their Bt strain is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production.

The company sent us samples of their beetleGONE!® and grubGONE!® products for testing. We provided these samples to a local organic gardening group. During discussions, one of the group’s experts highlighted how 20th-century farmers utilized naturally occurring Bt as a crop protection tool. Lacking scientific expertise, we relied on studies published by independent third parties for our evaluation. Click here to view those results.

With the growing concern for food and environmental health, organic gardening is gaining popularity. Hardware stores with even small lawn and garden sections should offer organic alternatives to meet this expanding market demand.

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