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Personal Mosquito Zapper & Lantern

Personal Mosquito Zapper & Lantern
Skeeter Hawk

Anyone who has watched the movie Jurassic Park knows mosquitoes have been around for years—around 210 million years. We also know they spread numerous diseases, some of which can be deadly including yellow fever. They can also quickly turn a great outdoor experience into a nightmare. The market is not short of products claiming to keep the biting bugs at bay with a varying degree of success.

Skeeter Hawk, a brand of Alliance Consumer Group that manufactures NEBO among other brands, shipped us samples from their line of mosquito and flying insect defense products. They offer repellents, zappers, bait stations and traps. We decided to try their Personal Mosquito Zapper & Lantern model.

The personal zapper features a patent-pending UV light technology that attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects. The UV light is surrounded by a 360-degree electrical grid protected by a slotted plastic fence. Mosquitoes and flying insects are attracted to the UV light and fly directly into the electrical grid. The zapper comes in two sizes: Premium powered by 110 volts and Personal utilizing a micro-USB rechargeable battery. The Premium Mosquito Zapper & Lantern also features a foldable handle for hanging and up to 100-lumen lantern.

Our tester used the premium model in various conditions both day and night to test the effectiveness. The zapper proved to be effective at eliminating mosquitoes in small patio size areas. One of our testers who is a mother mentioned she does not want to apply traditional DEET sprays on her children. DEET only stops the mosquitoes from biting, but they will still land on someone who is sprayed.

There are more than 2,700 species of mosquitoes in the world and odds are they are in your market. Take a look at the Skeeter Hawk line of mosquito and flying insect products, which can provide your customers with a quiet, no chemical alternative to traditional sprays.

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