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PerforMAX® 400H Fill Valve by Fluidmaster

How often does a customer enter your store searching for a solution to fix their toilet filling issue? The standard hardware answer was to replace the fill valve with Fluidmaster’s 400A. Introduced in 1975, the world’s number one selling fill valve seems like the perfect solution.

However, this solution is almost 50 years old and most likely not the solution the customer expects, resulting in an upset customer. The 400A was designed for toilets manufactured before 1994 using 3.5–7 gallons per flush (GPF). The current federal standard is 1.6 GPF, with most toilets using 1.28 GPF—a 20 percent reduction below the standard.

Launched in 2006, WaterSense is a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help Americans save water while reducing their water bill. Through the end of 2021, WaterSense has helped Americans save a cumulative 6.4 trillion gallons of water and more than $135 billion in water and energy bills. Bathrooms are the largest use of water in the home, using more than 50 percent of all indoor water.

The Fluidmaster PerforMAX® 400H was designed to exceed today’s strict standards of 1.6 GPF and even lower to 1.28 GPF to accommodate most newer toilets. The 400H features tank and bowl water control for more powerful flushes. The EZ-Twist height adjusts from 9 inches to 14 inches to fit more tanks. The 400H also comes with a seven-year warranty.

Fluidmaster went a step further and created the K-400H-021 Everything Repair Kit to solve all toilet problems—literally. The kit contains the 400H PerforMAX 400H, all internal tank parts and tools required for the job. They even designed the package to double as a water drip pan for use during the installation.

We provided complete repair kits to traditional DIYers and one tester who does not even own a traditional tool set. The DIYers reported that installation was simple and straightforward, and adding the addition of the tools is a nice feature. Our non-traditional DIYer felt the addition of Fluidmaster’s how-to video resources gave them the confidence to successfully complete the installation. Click here to view.

One tester’s comment stood out the most when trying to understand the importance of the “correct” fill valve. “So, this is similar to LED lightbulbs vs incandescent but for toilets,” the tester said. The K-400H-021 Everything Repair Kit is a “must-have” for hardware retailers to solve all their customer toilet repair needs with one SKU.

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