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Original 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver — Megapro Tools

The Megapro Tools Original 15-in-1 Screwdriver is a story of how one man, Hermann Fruhm, had a poor experience one afternoon with a tool so he created a better option. Hermann was using his multi-bit screwdriver when the endcap came off, and all the bits stored in the handle went everywhere. He was determined that there had to be a better solution for storing bits securely. This was the birth of the Megapro screwdriver.

The Megapro Screwdrivers feature a retractable bit cartridge storing S2 steel bits in all the popular sizes. The top has a rotating Palm-Saver Cap™ to add additional torque, but also to eliminate any damage to the user’s palm. Lastly, the handles are made of Ultra-Strong Triax™ and the company has not experienced one broken handle. Click here to learn more about Megapro directly from Hermann.

We supplied our samples to a wide range of professional and DIY users for their thoughts. The most popular comment was the immediate feel of a “high-quality tool,” not some cheap imitation. A few of the testers were new to the Megapro Screwdriver and raved about the convenience of having everything in one compact product, eliminating the need to search for bits.

MegaPro recently launched a suite of merchandising options for retailers—counter displays, planogram backers and hanging cards. If you currently stock Megapro tools, ensure you take advantage of the new merchandising options. If you currently do not stock Megapro tools, complete the dealer inquiry by clicking here.

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