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One2flush Dual Flush Valve | One2products

Help customers save water and stop flushing cash down the drain with One2flush’s Dual Flush Valve. Easy to use and install, One2flush is a permanent solution to wasting thousands of gallons of water at the toilet. On average, the one2flush will save 30 gallons of water a day for a family of four and will save your customers as much as 20-30% in utility bills.

The One2flush Dual Flush Valve is simple to operate. The handle will install vertically or horizontally. Swing the handle one way for liquids and the other way for solids. The One2flush uses a combination of head pressure in the tank and piston technology to not only use less water, but to give the water you do use more force to complete the job.

The One2flush will fit most standard 2-piece toilets built in the last 75 years, including tanks as low as 8-1/2″ high and wall-hung tanks.

Installation is a snap when following the easy-to-read instructions included in the package. Simply remove your old flapper and handle, then install the Dual Flush Valve and handle and you’re ready to save money. I installed ours back in early December. Performance has been great and the water savings was better than expected with a total of 35% cheaper utility bills after installation.

Suggested retail price for the Dual Flush Conversion Kit is about $34.99. For more information go to

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