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No Bull Ladder Bumpers

No Bull is a new entry to the hardware channel offering a premium line of ladder bumpers and ladder stabilizing bumpers. These bumpers were designed for the professional contractor, who use ladders daily and often store them on work trucks exposed to the elements.

No Bull utilizes the highest durability rated rubber for use in all weather environments. The rubbers are resistant to UV light that cracks and deteriorates lesser-quality bumpers, shortening their lifespan. To back this up, the company even offers a three-year warranty.

Our testers were a mix of professional roofers, painters and general contractors. All of them stored their ladders exposed to the harsh Florida sun and while our test was limited in time, all of the bumpers looked like they just came out of the package. Our painter had the opportunity to use them on an interior job and the bumpers did not mar or slip on a delicate wall finish.

If your store services the pro or active DIYer, then take a look at No Bull ladder bumpers. Your customers will be impressed with the quality and durability of No Bull ladder bumpers.

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