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Morf R230 Headlamp + Magnetic Flashlight Police Security Flashlights

Police Security Flashlights is a leader in the high-quality tactical line of flashlights. They have extended their line beyond flashlights with an emphasis on innovation. We had the opportunity to test the Morf R230 3-in-1 Rugged Headlamp + Magnetic Flashlight.

The Morf 230 is more than just a traditional headlamp, but adds a removable, waterproof, drop-proof magnetic flashlight. When the user detaches the flashlight, a set of secondary headlamp LEDs give the user a second light source. The detachable flashlight also has a powerful magnet at its base, allowing the flashlight to attach to any metal surface. Click here to see the Morf and all its possibilities.

The headlamp is powered by 4 AAA batteries attached to the back of the head strap and puts out an impressive 230 lumens on high. The detachable flashlight is powered by a lithium polymer and outputs 100 lumens. The headlamp and detachable flashlight have two modes: High and Low to conserve battery usage.

Given the overall flexibility of this product, we had a diverse group of testers—a maintenance professional, an outdoor enthusiast and a DIY mechanic. Our maintenance professional raved about the overall function and durability while using the Morf 230 on numerous jobs across multiple disciplines. After just a few short days he left his traditional flashlight in the van and just used the Morf with or without the headband. Our other two testers had similar reactions during camping, fishing and repairing the family car. As one tester noted, “It’s like having a third hand when working in tightly confined spaces.”

Police Security Flashlights

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