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MORF L300 Headlamp Review — Police Security

In our July/August issue, we tested the MORF R230™ Headlamp + Magnetic Flash from Police Security. Click here to read the review. When approached to review the MORF L300™ headlamp I was initially hesitant. Let’s be honest, how much different can one headlamp be from another? When I initially saw the headlamp I completely understood how one product enhancement can make all the difference.

A few years ago I took my son on his first camping trip with 30 six- to nine-year-olds. When the sun dipped below the horizon all the kids who had camped before ran to their tents to get their headlamp. Now picture a large group of kids running around temporarily blinding the adults when they looked at our faces. When it was time for the kids to return to the tents for the night, all headlamps were turned off and either battery lanterns or flashlights illuminated the tents.

This is where the MORF L300 sets itself apart from the traditional headlamp. Similar to the R230, the L300 headlamp features a detachable flashlight with a magnetic base. However, the L300’s flashlight has two additional features. The first is a slide that changes the flashlight into a small lantern. The second is integrated hooks for hanging that collapse back onto the base for reattachment to the headlamp base.

Our product testers utilized the L300 in numerous ways from camping, DIY engine repairs to an attic project with limited lighting. Everyone was impressed with the overall power of the 300 lumens but also the virtually endless uses. You can easily attach the magnetic base for direct placement or lantern mode to disperse the light over a greater area. The L300 is a great addition to your store since it can solve so many different needs.

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