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Molding Tape — RapidFix® /LHB Industries

If the name RapidFix® sounds familiar, it’s because we have tested several of their products created by LHB Industries, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides support services for the visually impaired. Their newest product is the introduction of Super Strength Molding Tape, primarily used in the automotive market. This tape is an acrylic, dual-sided tape system that adheres to most surfaces, greatly expanding its applications.

The molding tape creates a permanent attachment for automotive molding, body siding, rocker panels, emblems and more. It can be easily cut with scissors, and the dual-sided liner is simple to remove. Additionally, the tape can withstand extreme weather fluctuations and weathering, which weaken most adhesives.

We provided samples to a car refurbishing enthusiast for simple cosmetic repairs that can be completed by anyone. The product performed without any failures in adhering to various materials and was able to withstand the scorching sun of South Florida. Our tests included multiple trips through a carwash, again without any issues.

If your store has an automotive department, consider adding RapidFix® molding tape to address a variety of customer needs.

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