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Midwest Fastener BuildRight® Deck Screws

Midwest Fastener’s BuildRight® brand offers a wide range of high-quality yet affordable fasteners within their product lines, such as SaberDrive and SaberDrive Platinum. These fasteners, including drywall screws, deck screws and framing screws, are specifically designed for interior and light-duty construction projects. Click here to learn more about Midwest Fastener.

We recently had the opportunity to review the BuildRight Star Drive Deck Screws. These screws are equipped with a type-17 cutting tip, a star drive and an exterior coating. The exterior coating is particularly recommended for use with treated lumber and has demonstrated superior performance compared to HDG (Hot-Dip Galvanized). The screws are available in both boxes and tubs, catering to projects of any size.

To gather feedback, we provided test samples to a local contractor who was building a deck. The contractor and his crew reported no issues and confirmed that the screw performed as expected. They were pleasantly surprised when we informed them that BuildRight screws are designed to be an economical fastener solution, without compromising on quality. Adding the BuildRight brand to any fastener aisle would provide customers with a well-rounded product mix, offering options that range from good to better to best.

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