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Magnetic ToolMat — Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics has released a flexible Magnetic ToolMat™ designed to hold tools, parts and nuts/bolts. However, it also adheres to ferrous metal surfaces regardless of shape or orientation—like under a car suspended on an overhead lift. It’s this unique feature that initially caught our eye.

The ability to adhere to metal surfaces is just one of the benefits of the Magnetic ToolMat. The mat comes in three different sizes to better match the working surface. The largest is 19.5’’ x 8.85’’, the one in the middle is 18’’ x 6.5’’ and the smallest is 12.5’’ x 6.75’’ and each size is only .25’’ thick. Each size also features reinforced grommets and a sewn-in handle, adding to its portability and uses. This product has virtually endless applications, since it is made of durable synthetic leather to resist rips, grease, oil and other common shop chemicals.

It’s the product picture that piqued our curiosity and when the sample products arrived at the office we had to check it out ourself. We immediately opened one of the boxes and hung it on a cement wall with a metal electrical conduit. Not only did the Magnetic ToolMat firmly grab hold of the conduit, it also held a 16-ounce claw hammer. After a successful quick trial, we immediately got it into the hands of our testers for their review.

Similar to WD-40, our testers used the mats on a host of different applications and the automobile and marine uses stood out. Our mechanic tester raved about having quick access to tools next to his working area, which saved time and reduced the number of times he had to bend down. Our marine tester noted how the mat securely held different nuts/bolts and eliminated the potential of falling overboard. He also went on to describe how he attached a line through the grommet holes to retrieve a tool he had previously dropped overboard. While not intended for “magnet fishing”—yes that’s a thing—it saved him from replacing his ratchet.

The Magnetic ToolMat is a great product for the pro or DIYer with so many uses. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season.

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