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Magnetic LED Light


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Magnetic LED Light

The Lumax Magnetic LED light is one of the items where we say “why didn’t I think of that?” Anyone who has turned a wrench fixing a car, motorcycle, boat or tractor, knows getting light into tight spaces is often difficult if not impossible without a third hand. Many of us have been forced to utilize the flashlight-in-the-mouth trick, which is not a great option.

The LED light attaches to any metal surface—including most hand tools—using two powerful magnets, and the extremely bright light illuminates even the darkest of spaces. The light is powered by three L736F replaceable button-cell batteries and weighs just 0.25 oz. Click here to watch a video highlight of its many uses.

We provided a professional mechanic, a maintenance worker and an amateur shadetree tinkerer with samples for their review. At first glance, most questioned the purpose or usability. However, after one use all shared the same opinion, raving about the functionality, design and virtually unlimited uses. As one tester put it, “This is a tool you did not know you needed until you tried it.”

Considering the compact size of the LED light, merchandising the product at retail could be a challenge. However, Lumax has you covered with a high-visibility counter-top display that calls out the benefits of the product. 

The Lumax Magnetic LED Light is not only an excellent addition to any toolbox, but a must-have product when working in confined spaces with limited visibility.

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