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Hyde Pivot Nozzle Wands

Pivot Nozzle Wands


Have you ever seen a new product and thought to yourself “I wish I had thought of that?” Well, Hyde Tools has done just that with its patented Pivot Nozzle Wands for pressure washers. Hyde developed this product about a year and a half ago and has been improving and expanding the line to be compatible with just about any pressure washer—electric or gas—that is in production today.

The concept is so simple. Instead of becoming a contortionist and getting soaked trying to maneuver the typical pressure washer wand into those hard-to-reach areas, Hyde developed a pressure cleaner wand that allows the spray nozzle to actually pivot by turning the hand grip on the wand. If you sell or rent pressure washers in your store, this is a must-stock item and is a great add-on sale item.

All three of our testers thought this was a great idea and it worked flawlessly. To see a product demonstration click here.

This is a product that will be used by both the professional and the d-i-yer with equally satisfying results. The Pivot Nozzle Wand comes in three sizes: an 18″ for electric pressure washers, and 28″ and 40″ versions for gas-powered pressure washers. If you haven’t seen this product yet, stop by the Hyde booth at your next wholesaler show. I think you will be impressed.


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