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HTA 135 Pole Pruner With AP 500 S 36V Battery from Stihl

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to review a host of STIHL products and they never disappoint. The design and build quality are always exceptional and deliver impressive cutting performance consistently. The STIHL HTA 135 Pole Pruner paired with the AP 500 S 36V battery is a winning combination.

The HTA 135 is a pro-grade, battery-powered telescoping pole pruner delivering gas-powered performance. The pruner features a 13’ telescoping pole but is extremely well-balanced to reduce user fatigue. The HTA utilizes the same shaft as the gas-powered HT 131 and HT 135, delivering superior cutting performance. Click here to see a quick company video.

The HTA 135 offers a host of professional features, including a brushless motor, clear bar and chain oil tank, and a foot mount for resting the machine on the ground without damaging the motor housing. Our test model came with the AP 500 S—the most powerful battery in the AP System, providing the best power-to-weight ratio.

We supplied our sample to an active DIY homeowner with a host of trees on the property requiring routine trimming. Their review ticked off all the key features—lightweight (19 pounds), superior battery performance, variable-speed control, superior build quality, and, most importantly, safety. The last part caught me slightly off guard until I asked a few follow-up questions. This owner previously used a combination of a manual pruner with an extension ladder. He mentioned that on more than one occasion he almost fell.

The HTA 135 is an outstanding pro-grade pruner that will serve either the professional or demanding homeowners. If you are a STIHL dealer, the HTA 135 and AP 500 S 36V battery are must-stock items.

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