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Heavy Duty Appliance Mover from Airsled

When was the last time you were at a hardware show, walking the aisles, and a product stopped you in your tracks? While all shows feature new products, many are product improvements, new features or niche applications. Then I saw Airsled’s Heavy Duty Appliance Mover in action. For me, this was indeed a “new product” and quickly solved a common household issue.

The Airsled Heavy Duty Appliance Mover is designed to make moving heavy appliances or furniture—such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, cabinets, and fitness equipment—significantly easier. It consists of two air beams made from high-grade U.S. aluminum attached to a 4HP/120v blower.

The movers use air pressure to lift the object off the ground, allowing it to glide smoothly and effortlessly across various surfaces, including hardwood, tile and carpet. The product is capable of handling weights up to 950 lbs. Click here to see the Airsled move a 48” G.E. Monogram range from start to finish.

The Airsled is a versatile product serving multiple markets, including professionals, homeowners and rental. Professional appliance technicians and moving companies can use it to move heavy appliances and furniture more efficiently and safely without the fear of damaging the customers’ floors.

Moving heavy equipment or parts could also benefit an active DIYer/hobbyist with their shop. However, the rental market seems the most logical for independent hardware retailers.

Based on the product’s uniqueness, we supplied our sample to a local appliance retailer offering on-site repair services. The owner tested the product on various appliances both on-site and in customers’ homes. While already accustomed to moving appliances around the store, our tester reported the product is a “game-changer” in customers’ homes. The fear of damaging the customer’s home or appliance is virtually eliminated with the Airsled Heavy Duty Appliance Mover.

If your store offers rental, look at the Airsled for contractors with a kitchen remodel project or homeowners rearranging the house.

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