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Franklin International Titebond DuraMaster Sealant

If you have spent time sealing a gap, then you know the frustration of having to redo the project a few years later due to joint movement. Joint movement is inevitable and happens with temperature fluctuations, soils sifting and settling. Elastomeric sealants were created to help address the problem associated with joint movement. The minimum requirement for an elastomeric sealant is 25 percent joint movement.

Titebond DuraMaster Sealant is the first elastomeric, water-based sealant with 100% joint movement. Simply stated, it’s four times the minimum requirement for elastomeric sealants. Further, it can span gaps up to 2” wide while staying flexible, crackproof, paintable and VOC-compliant. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors to common building materials including: vinyl, metal, glass, wood, PVC, concrete, aluminum and all types of siding. It’s available in 13 colors to match numerous applications and is UV-resistant. Click here to view a brief company video.

Since joint movement is a problem for all we provided DuraMaster Sealant to a pro and a DIYer looking for pro-level results. All reported application was no different than other sealants and clean-up was easy, only requiring soap and water. Both also mentioned it was reassuring to know the project was done and would not need to be revisited after a few years of joint movement. DuraMaster Sealant is an excellent addition to any hardware store wanting to provide its customers with premium products that will last.

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