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Flitz Sealant

Flitz is a 40-year-old, family-run company producing high-quality polishes, cleaners and protectants for numerous categories. A recent trend in the car care industry is the launch of car sealants versus traditional waxes. 

So you may be asking “what is the difference between a sealant and wax?” While both products are designed to offer protection against the elements, a typical wax contains carnauba wax occurring in nature while sealants are designed in the laboratory. Carnauba wax has been the industry standard for decades and provides a layer of protection and gloss to any paint job. It is normally applied as either a paste or thick liquid. Since a sealant is an engineered product it provides a higher level of protection, while carnauba wax will evaporate on hot paint surfaces over time. Click here for a more detailed explanation and illustration.

Flitz introduced the Flitz Sealant, a ceramic-style coating that can be applied at home and lasts almost one year. Traditional ceramic coating is expensive and normally applied by a professional in a controlled environment over a couple of days. Since Flitz is a sprayed application it can also be applied to numerous surfaces including paint, fiberglass, plastic trim and glass. The product is simply sprayed on and then immediately wiped off. The surface is left with a high-quality shine and protected with minimal effort. 

The flexibility and ease of application is what stood out to our testers. Beyond the traditional automobile, motorcycle and RV markets, the Flitz polish can also be used inside. One tester used the sealant on shower glass to reduce streaking with outstanding results. 

While carnauba wax has its specific purposes, these engineered coats are the future for their extended protection, multiple surface application and ease of use. If your store offers traditional waxes then take a look at the Flitz Sealant for superior results with half the effort.


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