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Electric Tankless Water Heaters from Reliance Water Heaters

Reliance electric tankless water heaters are compact, easy to install for both the pro and DIY markets and offer wall-mount options for tight spaces. According to ENERGY STAR, water heating is the second-largest energy use in homes, but often goes overlooked until there is no hot water. Reliance offers numerous features to extend the life and efficiency of the electric tankless water heater.

Reliance electric tankless water heaters feature Anti-Scale Technology utilized in the auto industry to extend the heater’s life, enabling a five-year limited warranty for the heating chamber. Maintenance is simple with no moving parts and the ability to replace the element if needed. An advanced electronic control system addresses two common complaints with tankless water hearers: inconsistent water temperatures and lights flickering/dimming when the unit turns on. The until will shut down if it detects a leak and has an LCD showing current temperature, setpoint, and any diagnostic information if required.

Our tester installed a single element point-of-use model on a faucet not plumbed to the home’s existing water heater. The installation was extremely simple and straightforward with a clear instruction manual and detailed labeling. The included wall-mount brackets made for clean horizontal installation without sacrificing storage.  

Tankless water heaters have demonstrated strong year-over-year growth as consumers look toward the more energy-efficient household appliance. They are an ideal efficient water heating option, especially for stores servicing the Southern Zone (see map) with higher inlet water temperatures than cooler zones. Although not traditionally a higher-margin product to stock, tankless water heater purchases lead to total shopping baskets that are offset with higher-margin items.

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