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Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch from DAP

One of the most common repairs a homeowner, tenant or handyman performs is patching holes in drywall. Some are the result of removing hardware from a wall, doorknobs impacting walls or even simple nail holes from hanging pictures. Or in my case, an over-excited 80-pound puppy’s hip crashing into the wall while leaping into bed during a training exercise. Regardless of how the hole materializes, patching drywall is something everyone will encounter.

When it comes to drywall repair there is no shortage of ways to repair holes from all-in-one kits, spackling, drywall replacement or toothpaste if you’re still in college and moving out of your dorm. The problem with all repair methods is the need to spackle, sand and then paint. It’s extremely easy to spot a drywall repair performed by the inexperienced. However, DAP aims to solve this problem with the introduction of the Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch.

The Eclipse patch is an innovative drywall repair solution that requires no spackling or sanding and just a few coats of paint after application. The user simply selects the appropriate size patch—2”, 4” or 6”—applies the adhesive patch over the hole and paints the first coat. Once the first coat of paint dries, pull the pop-up tab from the patch revealing the repaired hole. With another coat or two of paint the drywall is now repaired and four times stronger than the drywall itself. Click here to view a demonstration.

We enlisted a mix of testers from a professional painter to a weekend DIYer who is just trying to complete his honey-do-list in time to watch the big game on TV. Our professional initially scoffed at the idea of a patch not requiring spackle or sanding, but quickly changed his opinion after the first job. He was quick to comment on the ease of application, but more importantly the impressively clean and professional appearance of the repair. Drywall repair used to take hours of his job time, but now it was less than 30 minutes and required no additional clean-up.

DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch is a must-stock item for any hardware store selling paint, drywall or spackle. Personally, I wished Eclipse was available when our lovable puppy put her hip into the wall and I was left with a 4” hole. It would have been significantly less expensive than the professional I hired.

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