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DynaTrap XL—Dynamic Solutions Worldwide

DynaTrapXLThe DynaTrap XL is a flying insect killer that will cover an area up to one acre, doesn’t use pesticides and is odor free. The way it works is the two small lights in the top of the trap generate warmth and UV light rays that attract the bugs. The company has developed an exclusive surface that produces a carbon dioxide attractant for mosquitoes and other flying insects. Then once the insect flies into the trap a small fan sucks them down to a large catch basin where they die.

Our testers were all satisfied with the DynaTrap itself, but all commented on issues that can affect the efficiency of the DynaTrap. If you don’t empty standing water within the area you would like to be insect free, then mosquitoes will literally breed faster than you can trap them and kill them. The other issue several testers commented on was if your property is next to a natural breeding area for flying insects such as mosquitoes, then wind blowing from the breeding area onto your property will effectively increase the area you are trying to control.

All of our testers agreed the DynaTrap XL was very effective—just check the catch basin—but cautioned if your property has extenuating circumstances you may need more than one trap.

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