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DAP Touch ‘n Foam

DAP is a staple in the hardware channel manufacturing premium caulks, sealants, adhesives and Touch ‘n Foam products. Our testers had the opportunity to review three versions of Touch ‘n Foam: Home Seal™, Max Fill™ and Mouse Shield™.

Home Seal is an all-purpose minimum expanding sealant designed to fill small cracks and gaps. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects while curing in virtually all temperature ranges—30° to 120°. The product is also water-resistant, fire retardant, sandable and paintable.

For larger cracks or gaps Touch ‘n Foam offers a Max Fill™ expanding sealant that expands 3x. With the enhanced expansion feature, the green label Touch ‘n Foam can fill spaces larger than 1”. Max Fill™ shares many of the same benefits as the Home Seal version but cures at a much narrower temperature range—60° to 100°.

If filling a gap or crack is to block mice or other pest, Touch ‘n Foam has Mouse Shield™. What sets Mouse Shield apart from the other Touch ‘n Foam SKUs is the expanding foam also contains a pest blocker. Click here to watch the difference when compared to other expanding foam product.

All of our testers were familiar with Touch ‘n Foam products but did not realize they offered different formulas to solve a variety of household issues: filling large gaps/cracks or pest repellant. The testers were also surprised to learn the unused product is reusable for up to three weeks after initially opened when stored properly. Each SKU trigger features a plug on the opposite end to stop the remaining product in the can from curing.

As fall is quickly fading away and the cold of winter has arrived many customers are searching for inexpensive, DIY methods to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Filling gaps and cracks in windows and doors, attics and crawl spaces is an excellent start to reducing those heating bills.

Click to watch Home Seal video

Click to watch Max Fill video

Click to watch Mouse Shield video

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