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DAP 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture

It seems the hardware industry is filled with products and tools promising “pro grade,” “pro finish” or countless other versions of “pro.” I am reminded of the proverb: “A bad workman blames his tools.” Just because the product or tool can deliver “pro” results doesn’t mean the user is a “pro.” The discrepancy between expectations and results can lead to a dissatisfied customer.

DAP’s new 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture is a rare product that promises “pro results” and delivers while requiring minimal user experience. The 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Texture spray can features an Aim Tech adjustable nozzle providing 60-degree movement to access those difficult-to-reach locations.

In addition to up and down movement, the nozzle has three settings to control the desired texture: fine, medium or heavy. The new texture is ready for sanding or painting within 30 minutes, and any remaining product is stored using the can’s relocking tab. Click here to see a company video highlighting the Aim Tech adjustable nozzle.

The product is applied 12 to 18 inches from the surface, with brief bursts and a sweeping motion for even application or blending with existing texture. 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture comes in four different textures: Orange Peel for both water-based and oil-based; Knock Down and Popcorn (available September), both in water-based. Click here to view a demonstration.

We provided our samples to a few DIYers who needed to patch and repair drywall with a textured finish. One of our tester’s comments provided the best review of the 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture. “My past drywall repairs were always an eyesore, because I could never effectively blend the texture. Now I can repair the drywall, apply the texture and finish the project within an hour,” he said. DAP’s new 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture is an outstanding product delivering professional results with the convenience of a reusable and adjustable spray can.

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