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Crocodile Cloth®

Crocodile Cloth® is a relatively new entrant to the hardware channel with their industrial-strength disposable cleaning cloths. The company has a simple goal: “No More Wimpy Wipes!” Crocodile Cloth is part of Nuvik, which is a UK company founded in 2016 to develop, manufacture and distribute unique, innovative cleaning and hygiene products.

Crocodile Cloths are oversized cleaning cloths measuring 15” x 10”, which is almost four times the size of traditional disposable wipes. The product is a non-drying, alcohol-free wipe that contains aloes so it’s gentle on the hands. Most wipes have the same texture on each side of the wipe.

Crocodile Cloths are smooth on one side and textured on the other to help scrub and scour the surface. The other key feature that stands out is the overall strength of the wipe. In this company video, you can see someone trying to rip the cloth into two pieces—click here to view. We simulated this in the office and can attest that these wipes are extremely strong and as close to a traditional towel as you will get in a disposable wipe.

Crocodile Cloth Professional Series comes in three different versions: Original, Auto and Paint. They also have a Power Series and Consumer Series. We provided our testers with the Professional Series Original with an 80-wipe count per recyclable package.

Our testers used the Crocodile Cloth in so many different applications ranging from cars, boats, barbecue grills, just to name a few. One tester reported cleaning up a spray lubricant from a hard surface and not only did it clean the surface it also removed the odor of the lubricant. Another wanted to test the durability of the wipe and used it on his truck’s tailgate, which has an abrasive spray-on bed liner (similar to 50 grit sandpaper). He thought for sure it would shred it. Not only did it hold up it also cleaned up the tailgate. One tester’s comment stuck with me: “Normal wipes belong in the kitchen. Crocodile Cloths belong in the garage, shed, work truck or anywhere else where things get dirty.”

Crocodile Cloth is a true no-brainer for any hardware store to stock. For more info go to:

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