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When was the last time you looked up at the ceiling of your store, office, or home and were inspired? Have you ever entered an older building with an ornate metal ceiling and you are immediately transported to a different time? Ceilume seeks to bring back an era where the ceiling is an inspiring design element instead of an afterthought. Ed Davis, president of Ceilume, believes, “there truly is a ceiling treatment to fit every taste, every space, and every budget, and that’s a good thing.”

Ceilume offers drop ceiling tiles and glue-up tiles in numerous colors and finishes with styles ranging from classic to modern and even off the charts. All tiles are manufactured in Graton, Calif., utilizing hand-built molds with relentless attention to detail, and 100 percent of the raw materials used are recycled back into the process. Click here for a video showcasing the company and its people-first culture “from a crew that gives a damn!”

We received samples of the drop ceiling tiles and provided them to one of our testers who owns commercial real estate. Our tester wanted to change the feel of a small office space for rent without spending much money or downtime. The tiles were easily installed into the traditional drop ceiling grid. The company supplies a robust installation booklet with QR codes for how-to videos. Our tester was more than pleased and honestly a little surprised how changing a simple design element of the office created a more modern feel versus the traditional mineral fiber tiles.If your store currently carries ceiling tiles, or you would like to give your customers more options than everyone else offers, give Ceilume a call.

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